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Great tool that helps you verify those who interact with you

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The Verified mobile app works on all popular mobile devices and is free to download! Read more

What makes Verified indispensable to your business?

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Customer details, FICA requirements, suspected fraud. Verified.

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Finance applications, new customer sign-ups, FICA status. Verified.

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Business transactions, client details, KYC applications. Verified.

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Always online, OTP waiting period, fully mobile. Verified. provides a highly-detailed report for every aspect of the application process.

The ease-of-use and innovation of our mobile app combined with secure technology and trusted partners ensures peace-of-mind for your invidividual or business transactions. There is no way to alter information, nor interrupt or skip any part of the prescribed processes. Uxor Valde Vel Voco Wisi

  • FICA
  • RICA
  • POPI
  • KYC
  • Digital I.D.
  • Points of Truth
  • Electronic Certificates
Phone screens

Who can benefit from using Verified?

Verified is a highly innovative and totally transparent way of managing client credentials or financial document verifications for transactions of consumers and businesses alike.

Features which make the Verified app great!

  • FICA verification for individuals & companies
  • Verified with Transunion & XDS credit bureau
  • CRM and new customer integration
  • Guided or remote applications

  • Completely secure processes of application
  • Individual transactions with unique identities
  • Prevent fraud or fraudulent FICA, RICA, etc.
  • Works with all popular mobile devices

  • Online 24/7 and always accessible for clients
  • Remote application provides convenience
  • Fully transparent and auditable reporting
  • Digital identities are securely stored